New RP-PVP server with admin and if enough people events

We just got a server up. We want to make an rust server with events. Where we admin will try to make things happening. This game is so much more then hitting stones with another stone. Thanks to the developers who makes this game with such potential.
Please read the info we have under here :slight_smile: You can also check

(For those who does not like RP or events, please to no chat shitty here :slight_smile: Thanks)

Welcome to Greymist (EU) [RP-PvP]


There was a bright flash as you were leaving home, ready for just another normal day in your life. A massive headache started, worse than anything you had ever felt before as it made you pass out quickly. As you regained your senses, you found yourself on an island, stripped of all your possessions. It’s about survival… or nothing. And perhaps somewhere out there, on the island, you might find an answer to what exactly happened.

But be careful, you are not alone, and not everyone can be trusted

Planned Events

Airdrops: Someone is sending airdrops to the island, which varies in their location and drop time. Who is behind these airdrops, and why? If you can track down some of the crates left by the airdrops, some answers might show themselves.

The Tower: Notes found on the island refers to a mystical tower, hidden somewhere on the island. The tower is said to hold some answers. Can you locate it?

The Industrial Buildings & The Radiation Areas: Some sort of activity has occurred on the island, leading to some areas being heavily radiated. If you brave these areas, some answers might show themselves.

Notes: Depending on the amount of players and where they explore, more information about the island will slowly be revealed on the site, adding to the mystery and giving some answers.


Dr. Phil. Alator RetrzĂŞnkia

Reputation: Friendly

Base: Unknown

Alator Retrzênkia is a Croatian professor of history who graduated from Oxford in 2004 before returning for a teaching position at the University of Zagreb. One morning, he found himself on the Island, and soon started his research into the island’s mysterious past. He is friendly towards other people on the island, as he sees them as possible ways to gain more answers.

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