New RP Server Up - NEED YOUR HELP!

Hello! My clan now has a 50 slot RP server up and running! We are a somewhat serious RP, but we set the prop limit high enough to allow building.

We are normally on rp_tb_city45_v02n, and welcome anyone ready to have a fun RP experience! We do sell admin for $5, but we closely monitor our admins to make sure its not like some of those RP servers with stupid, abusive admins. (PM me if you are interested in buying admin!)

We would love your input on our server and Roleplay mod (which we are still working on), and we are soon going to release a new RP map that will be exclusively beta tested on our server, so please check in later for that!

The IP is, and if you want to help boost the map download speed, download the map here.

See you there! :smiley:

What’s the gamemode based off of, or did you make it yourself?

Selling admin is stupid.

Also that looks like it’s hosted by xenon, just by looking at the IP, insta-fail. I don’t like Xenon.

Stop calling darkRP serious roleplay, btw, everyone.

Also, good luck!

It is DarkRP, but the gameplay experience really speaks for itself. We frown on random DM and whatnot, but we really focus on keeping it a Real-life experience.

We are trying Xenon for now, and might be moving to our own dedi soon.

We keep a close eye on our admins, and if they abuse, we aren’t afraid to take action.

They all say that.


Check your inbox on FP

hurr hurr another dark rp server hurr hurr

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Benji))

As we have all waited for it…

i think your confuzzled.

here is your thread about roleplay script

That’s hardly even a gamemode…

Question, why talk down to darkrp if you made an rp gamemode thats hardly a gamemode?

dont make no sense

You lost me at “We sell admin for $5”

Apparently, you didn’t read the part where we are strict to make sure our admins don’t abuse.

DarkRP should have RP taken out of the name…

Guess how many servers say that and disappear in 1-2 weeks. Btw, Xenon is good. Its control panel is easy to read and use, and theres rarely lag (for me). Though, everybody IS entitled to their own opinion.
At 2 posts above mine. Not Schus.

take rp out of your script first then.

I’m going into the server now if anyone wants to RP.

It doesn’t have RP in the name. ToastScript, were is RP in that?

This server needs work. I joined this and found out that there is no Gun Dealer, Gangster, and Mob Boss. The Terrorist class is possibly abusive. He gets a p228 and a Jihad Bomb. Too many people abuse those things. (ALALALLALALLALALA BOOOM!)
Another reason is that when you change classes you have to die and lose all your shit. Again, the map is shit too. Small as hell; If you made me admin (only free because this server needs work) I could fix it up really quick.

I think DarkRP could do just fine without Gangsters, Gun Dealers, and Mob Bosses… I’d rather like it better. And if people Serious RPed on DarkRP like they do on CakeScript (one of the best RP modes out there imo), it’d be pretty good…

Unfortunately, mingebags come into the equation.

DarkRP + Minges = Dark Shit. This gives DarkRP a bad reputation. About 95% of all DarkRP servers fall into this category.

DarkRP + Serious RPers = Pretty Good. Hope to god it happens to all eventually.

You lost me at pay to admin like the other guy said. So the good average joe who could be a GREAT roleplayer. Nope don’t have 5$ sorry. Puts me off.

That’s your opinion.
Also your opinion.
Again your opinion.

“They”? We aren’t “they”.

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‘lost’ you? I don’t think we had you in the first place, we can’t lose something we don’t have.

You can keep your opinions to yourself here~


There’s gun dealer, and two gangs and two mob bosses…
The terrorist class requires a vote.
You lose all your shit even if norespawn is on…
There’s a map in the works made specifically for this server.
You’re not getting admin for free cause there’s no incentive to give it to you; and you’re apparently oblivious. Nice try though.

If people “seriously RP’d” on darkrp, having gangsters/gundealers/mob bosses would not be a problem. (Not to say that it couldn’t do fine without them)
Mingebags being mingebags will get banned,
DarkRP+Minges isn’t an equation since they’ll get banned.
DarkRP + Serious RP’ers is what we hope to grow.

‘lost’? See my reply to the other post. And you’re not gonna play since you don’t have 5$ for admin? What kind of reason is that? Is admin really that great?

New admins can only kick and ban.