New RP Server.

Hello everyone!

I am going to make a RP Server,
DarkRP (less laggy of what I’ve understood than TacoScript)

  • Addons

And now I have to know

WHAT ADDONS? would you like on a RP serveR?


By the way. Do you think you would need PHX / Wiremod etc?
Because I will probably have a city map. Anyone know a good city map you can BUILD on? So you dont only have to rp.

Prop Protection and a decent set of admins is pretty much all you need. But please don’t go crazy with what you download, no one wants to wait for 30 minutes while they download the latest hoverboard pack.


Well, this is what the server is right now :
Prop Protection
Stacker tool
Door Tool

Anything more?
And atm its rp_downtown_v2 but I will change to rp city 18 is IP btw, maybe you want to stop by and check it out. =D