New RPG animations.

I was wondering if someone could make some new RPG animations. There is only about 4 different animated RPGs so far. 2 from valve, 1 RPG 7 and some Halo 2 RPG.
Too much of the same. Can someone please make something different?

wrong subforum

your looking for the lua scripting request subforum…i think

Animations ≠ Lua coding.

What are you taking about? What kind of modelers are you? Animations are part of the model.

Battlepope’s right, animations are part of the modeling category.

I hope to see a better reload animation for the .357, since it uses the pistol reload animation.

What? No it doesn’t.

Nobody here is talking any sense exept Henery Townshend. All I was looking for was if someone could make new RPG animations because the retail ones are boring.

In third-person that is, not first-person, sorry for the confusion.