New RPG rust server (Early planning)

Dont join the server

Seems very -very- similar to the other RPG server. But if you are no douche, this might actually work out :smile:

Exact same RPG as the other one… Do something different.

Only thing thats the same would be the tags and helmets, everything else is improved or different. Active admins aswell, i know that they are not as active as i am since i played on the server

I played on it aswell… They advertised it’s RP but there was none. Besides we didn’t even live together… That was really stupid lol… So I left, perhaps your work will be better.

Yes, i can assure you that it wont be like that. People will have to have their main house close to their kingdoms castle. There is no point of hiding in the mountains since the c4 is limited.

So… when do you anticipate this to be live?

I was banned from the other RP server… not going to go into it but you can read all about it over on his post. Would be interested in another RP server if the admin is cool.

Also, after reading the rules and plugins I have one suggestion… please add in a plugin that shows who kills who. That way we will know what is going on with kills.

It’s RPG there is a difference, keep that in mind.

RPG = RP elements but not 100% RP’ ing.

RP = Full RP, any element that can be RP’ ed will be RP’ ed.

(that’s as far as my knowledge goes)

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Suggestion: Make a Steam group, so you can have everything sorted, and you can see the amount of people that are interested.

As soon as people show intrest, go to the website and vote!

Yes, living together in one area would make this actually work. Since you really get that “Faction” idea then.

And indeed, a killfeed will make it a lot easier to check the rules being followed.

Awsome! a suggestion is just what we needed, ill add that to the plugin page right away.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

While I’m at it. Limit factions to a certain valley.

For instance, limit North to the “Next Valley” and limit the South Faction to “Ecko Valley”. This will ensure that the factions stick together.
To further enforce that rule, I would suggest Wildlings to be able to build everywhere so that they can actively kill and remove others outside said valleys. Oh, and remove the West faction from the game, they are redundant and only cause the factions to be smaller.

The factions are already limited, if you take a look at the map. If the wildlings are allowed to build anywhere they would just build inside the “Kingdom towns” and that would ruin the concept of different factions/kingdoms. Maybe if they were allowed to build anywhere on the mountains? i dont know but thanks for the suggestion i will think about it! :slight_smile:

This looks like it could be interesting but I would recommend maybe having cities that build can build and speak/ meet in, also have a local chat so you can rp and plan with out all the other kingdoms knowing. As well as I think the vote for the king should not happen until they die in game then a new king is elected.

The safezone will work as a place where you can meet other kingdoms to trade or just talk safe without having to worry if they are going to shoot you, Local chat is a good suggestion i will look more into that, Voting for a new king every weekend unless the citizens revolt and kill the king. Then they will have to choose a new one.

It’s the same concept as the other server, with you as the admin instead of someone else. I’m sure it’s possible to pull off a better RP server than what we have now, but you don’t seem like the type of enterprising to do it being that you spent 2 hours on absolute shit. I could’ve accomplished creating a clone with what you have done in 15 minutes - while taking a spank break.

If you’re going to copy something, at least make it better.

Tell me now what you are talking about please. I dont see anything else then the helmets and tags aswell as north west etc thats simular to the other server?

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Once we get 20+ Yes voted on the website ill make a steam group! :slight_smile:

This might have something in it… keep the ball rolling :slight_smile:

22 votes now!

Yup :slight_smile: i cant connect to steam atm i dont know whats wrong?