[NEW] Rust advertisement video! Click to watch!

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part of me thinking with the key begging and general quality of facepunch right now the last thing we need is more advertising

Oh thanks for the instructions in the title i wouldn’t have known how to watch the video otherwise.

Very well done, liked the After Effects, but, if I may suggest, don’t put in so much gameplay footage. Just little snippets. A 40 second clip of you shooting and looting a person doesn’t really highlight the games true potential.
Other than that, great job!

Also the music is terrible, same with the gameplay. Editing is nicely done though

Meh, if the kid wants to get creative than let him. Nothing really wrong with creating fan content.

Besides I doubt this commercial will really “make waves” like the Let’s Players do.

It’s not meant to please everyone. Thanks for the criticism though.

It’s an advertisement, it’s meant to please a wide spectrum.


Right Now Id Do Anything For An Alpha Key :frowning:

That advertisement didn’t please me in the slightest. It’s too much like a counter strike montage or something.

Try making a happy advertisement. Currently it’s sitting on the “edgy” fence. When it should climb down, hang out with some friends and maybe get a little action. Basically chill the fuck out. No need for everything to be serious.

I really would like you to make another one, but with a more pleasant theme. I have had very enjoyable times on this game and by not taking it seriously it’s very relaxing. You can make some cool friends and just cruise along not worrying about “what if I die and lose everything”.

I think the intro should say “Facepunch Studios Presents”.

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I don’t even think Garry was its creator.

Not only did you use a template, you used a bad one. At least you removed all those explosions, the new music isn’t any better though.

And this is your first post.

Nice one.

Nvm then OP is just lazy


“Garry newman presents”

this is misleading, please change that

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I like how theres heavy music but all you did was run around


It’s nice. It gives a good idea of what the game is like.

garry newman doesnt develop rust its pat and helk btw

Now more people will beg for a key and we dont have release date NICE JOB ! :suicide: