New Rust - Building System

Hey everyone.

I have played a bit unknown voice : a lot, liar ! of The Forest lately. And I checked out the building system. It’s is really, and by really I mean really really AWESOME. So I hope Garry will check this out, he said publicly that he had ideas for it and he wasn’t sure on his last devblog : so here’s the idea, a gjosting system, that kind of “evolves” when you add harvested supplies. Just like “The Forest” ! So I think that would really be nice on Rust and let’s hope it’ll be great :wink:

Cya everyone !


I think it would be a bad call to copy a building system from another survival game that was just released. I like the building in the forest, as well, but I think Rust should try and figure out its own way.

Or maybe a modified version?


Well a system that has points likethe forest such as the project system (ghosting) but a totally different approach to make the thing.

I just want the parts are more malleable. With the new procedural map, will be very diffecult to find some flat area.

I see waht you mean. And maybe like a lot of new things is building, wood and metal only was getting boring… idk, like bricks, and all this stuff? Marble, bricks, clay (yes, lol.)

Is knowing the devs have some concepts about houses make by stones :slight_smile:

And others concepts show us different types of material quality.

But, I expect more “freedom” to make a house, and less bugs :slight_smile:

We should be able to mix materials while we’re at it. I want a metal saferoom inside a wood base.

I like the idea of being able to mix materials. I know Garry doesn’t like that players are able to carry around walls and foundations and that the devs have been contemplating using stone, and possibly mixing materials, and also developing a building system that requires larger items (such as foundations) to be built on site as you go (not carried around as inventory). Also there will likely be shovels and dirt may be incorporated into the building process…
Here are some concept art examples:

We also know that Garry is “jealous” of the Forest and I think we can assume he will be thinking hard about ways to out-do them. That Garry is a sly fellow. I think he will come up with something really unique and creative for us.

What if we did something a little bit like Wurm Online, where you build a frame and add material to it until it’s complete?

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To out do them is ez have a mega server woakaakakakaka Pure chaos XD

nice. thanks for the info;)

Well what OP wants is nice but not doable at all in rust because in Forest houses are predefined and in rust you build what you want with walls, doors etc. And making ghost thing for every wall/window/doorway you make would be too long to build and silly. Imaging placing ghost wood wall and then plank by plank adding them to ghost thing. It would take you a day to build a 1x1 house.

Construction of wooden walls does not change. But you can add other materials to reinforcement
the walls such as stone, clay or more wood .

check out trello there is a few videos there of what he has been playing around with

Well it’s great but not new. He said he would make something new and it apparently doesn’t change much ! but…

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Socket based building system WIP - @garrynewman (@RustUpdates)


So what?

Idk what’s up now… socket system or old system?