New Rust Community with Website and Server!!! Join us!

Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know about our new Rust community that we have made. We have a full website with forum and a 100 slot Rust server. This server has the Rust++ features and a pretty decent /starter kit. The admin on this server are above the age of 25. They have no intention and WILL NOT abuse any rights(or they won’t have any), and they ban any sort of hacking instantly! If you’re looking for a great community that takes suggestions, has events, runs polls with submitted screenshots and videos with the winner being on the actual site… then this is for you! As the community grows there will be giveaways taking place as well, so don’t miss out!!

Server Name: Ranger Outpost [Chicago]

Webiste URL:

YouTube newest video:

Twitch Channel"

We hope to see everyone on PVPing very soon!

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I know there has to be people out there looking to play on a good server.