**New**Rust-Crackhouse PvP|Noob Friendly|Starter Kits|1/4 Craft|Fair Admin's|


Server Info: This is a PvP Server, we have great starter kits for new player’s, Fps Booster which works amazing on this server, fair admin’s non of which can spawn any kinda items to other players or them self’s, Remove tool to help you fix mistakes to your base,Awesome Server Great Reg, and much more come give us a try you wont regret it.

Mods:1/4 Craft|Sleepers|Groups|Starter Kits|FPS|Stats|Oxide|Remove|PM|

Server Last Wiped: 2/24/14

Server Slots:150

Happy Fragging!

Best admin so far that. Been through tons of servers and literally no admin abuse or even a hint at it. Just need more people to join!

I love that the remove tool actually gives back your items rather just just delete them XD

Love the server and love the admin…he plays fair ( not good but fair lol ) always on, took care of hackers as soon as they were identified, and replace the items lost within reason. we need more people tho…come join the best server ive played on thus far.

Thanks for the kind words.

Awesome admin and server, best I’ve been on so far. Need more players for more action!, so make sure to check it out!!!

Hey! I made a post about this server earlier this week. Seems we are getting more active members! See you on after my week of midterms :slight_smile: love this server!

Updated to the new patch!

Server is back up with new Patch Oxide currently down but FPS and Starter Kits Still working!

All Mod’s up and running!! Come Play Now!