New RUST(experimental) won't start ! Help me !

When i start experimental rust, steam sets my status to “in-game” and after 3-5 secs to “online”. Legacy RUST starts normally. Process “Rust.exe” appears on start and after 3-5 secs disappears ! Help me ! I think i lose my money on rust.

could be EAC getting blocked if it only happens in exp build. check your antivirus.

as far as i know, the new rust is 64 bit only

If OP was running a 32bit OS, he’d be getting an error making it very clear as soon as he tried to start Rust experimental.

Regards! I appreciate it!

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I have the same error, I’m running 32 BIT, and it launches sometimes, but other times I get a black screen or it just doesn’t launch at all, but I have had it running properly before, so it’s obviously not a 32 bit OS problem…

A fix would be nice, thanks! Seem’s like with every update done to this new rust, it break’s it each time…

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Rofl yea thats me. Been awhile!

Those were the good old days of Rust, when Legacy wasn’t swamped with hackers. They were there, but not nearly as many.

Yup, I was still a baddy back then though as I was just starting out, so I called hacks a lot. Now with over 1k hours in rust I feel like the only time I ever get bested is when there actually hacking, which I find quite frequently.