NEW Rust Gamemode: Trouble in Terrorist Town (From GarrysMod)

I have created a server wide game mode based off of GarrysMod Trouble in Terrorist Town.
It is a fully automatic plugin, It is in beta. If anyone is willing to help test this plugin out visit Pluton:

It does not have everything that the original mod has on GarrysMod, But hopefully I will be able to create an exact copy.
I have plans on bringing some more of these Gamemode plugins to rust because right now, The only Gamemode plugin is BattleRoyal and that is a private plugin!

Which other gamemodes would you like to see? Is this a shitty Gamemode to start off with? Leave me your thoughts please! :slight_smile:

Might add a video here later of the gameplay

rename it Disorder in Dong District to be more topical and we’ll talk

Any media?

Great idea! With this and the Gun Game, we see a lot of new great game modes coming.

So I never played TTT… Care to explain what it’s even about?

Basically, a random player is chosen to be the traitor. His mission is to kill everyone else. But nobody knows who the traitor is. The game ends when the time limit is reached, the traitor is dead, or he has killed everybody else. This is well explained in Deicide’s link, but just in case you’re like “TL;DR” :slight_smile: