New Rust Icons

First and foremost, the individual that designed them has a great deal of talent, and I commend that. I want to say though, some of the icons in my opinion do not work. They’re stylish, creative and I think they would fit wonderfully within a game like Torchlight for example, but I feel they do Rust an injustice. A couple examples of two that grate on me visually, are the pump shotgun, and the building plan. I feel the old ones were much more appealing, and yes; realistic. I realize that icon realism may not have been the goal, but for a game that at least attempts to produce an atmosphere of realism via thirst, hunger, heat and cold vulnerabilities, the icons are taking the “cutesy” route, and I can’t stand it personally. Again I want to reiterate that I am not degrading the artistic talent of the artist, merely the style for which he or she has chosen to invoke. I speak for no one but myself when I ask you to please change it back, or try again. Incidentally, I don’t feel this way about all of them. The gun powder looks neat, I can live with the animal fat, but please, the pump shotgun does not look like a pump shotgun, it looks like a pump penis.

For the most part, I find the icons are great. The orientation of the shotguns, rifles and Tommy on the icon is terrible. I would prefer see a smaller gun from a side orientation. It think that would make them look much better.

The bullet icons bug me though. The artwork on the icons is great, but they don’t at all look like the ammo they’re supposed to represent. The 9mm round look like a .22LR. The new 5.56 round icon looks more like the 7.62x39 that the AK should actually be shooting rather than 5.56.

Otherwise though, I’m fine with the rest of the icons. I actually love the new wolf meat icons.

Garry’s stated that the icons, like everything else, are a massive WIP and will be updated according to the feedback from the community.

To be honest, at first I didn’t really like them either, but they’ve really started to grow on me, and I could not go back to the older system of the icons. Especially for items like the spear which were really hard to see and distinguish in a full inventory.

Agreed. I love most of the icons. I even like the way the guns look. The orientation of the guns on the icon makes it hard to tell right away what you have. And of course, my beef with the bullets. lol

I like them. The guns aren’t at the best angle, but so far everything else is cool. The old ones were fine, but they felt like generic placeholders - which they were.

I totally agree with the OP. I don’t want to bash the icon designer, she is a very talented artist, but these icons are totally wrong for the atmosphere of Rust. The old icons were SO much better.

Now we have cutesy little cartoon weapons that look like they belong in Dora the Explorer’s backpack!

Icons in rust should be cold, hard, realistic, (like the old icons), not cutesy, cartoon-ish and care-bear like.