New Rust Ideas

I think it would be cool if they put in handcuffs or something to that nature and have you be able to drag people with you, maybe also add cages so you can put your prisoner’s in there. Also when they add vehicles if you could possibly put a prisoner in the back or something maybe have a cage in the back of the truck and keep them in there so you can transport them. Lastly, I think they need too add attachments, but not just any attachments, custom ones, maybe i want to but a short sword on my gun like a bayonet or an 8x scope or stuff like that. Those are just a few things I thought it would be cool if they added.

Good news, handcuffs are being worked on, so expect to see them soon! I would like a way to put prisoners in vehicles as well. And I like the idea of multiple different types of attachments as well, rather than the sights, silencer, and laser options like legacy. Good ideas!

i don’t get why people want prisoners in a MMO game…do they get off on the idea that they are controlling someones ability to play the game? never understood the prison modes in gmod etc either…

I think the weapon mods would be great like a flamer to a sword and such. I think however the handcuffs would not be fun. This isnt dayz or something. It’d be fucked if you met someone new and he shoots you and then handcuffs you , revives you and you would permanently stuck in his base so you just have to play on another server…

This requires that people were afraid of death. That something is taken away from them after the death of something serious, what they were afraid of losing.

Domina fetish anyone?

Thank you.

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In my opinion it adds an element of role play to the game, I personally would enjoy being taken hostage but thats just me. chances are they wouldn’t keep you there forever but if they did there’s always the suicide option. You could say " oh but then i would lose my stuff" but if they didnt capture you they would have killed you soooo there’s that. Also maybe you can only handcuff when there downed or something like that.

One more way for the warped fuckers on rust to be giant assholes yeah can’t wait for this crap.

Wow. Check out the newest devblog. Looks like your idea about cars with cages was heard

I was thinking the same thing lmao. I hope they go through with it.

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Its not going to be any different if you get restrained and you dont want to be apart of it you kill yourself in game. nothing will change because if they dont add this they would have just killed you instead.

Because it’s funny dude.

In Ark recently there was a couple of my neighbours who were unfriendly. I raided their base, tranq arrowed them, dragged them back to mine and slung them in the prison I had made for them. Which was a room with a locked door, and a hatch in the roof so I could open it to tranq arrow them again to feed them and keep them alive. The room had a sign in it that said “You = bitch slave.”

I kept them there for a few days, using them to draw blood from for medpacks. I’m a solo player so couldn’t keep an eye on them forever, they must have eventually suicided by punching the wall until they died or eating their own shit - although I have heard of clans taking prisoners and keeping it up so long the prisoner had to change server.

I don’t get how you could not see the fun in this.

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If they add this, they really really need to disable the kill command while you are handcuffed. No point to it otherwise.

this sounds pretty stupid tbh.

if anything being able to suicide in cuffs should be left in if it was done, there’s a clear difference someone willingly taking part in the situation for fun, and allowing players to put someone in the situation where they are forced to change servers to play the game again. it would just encourage full equipped players to go and grief newspawns constantly, and if someone cuffed me and put me in a place where i was basically stuck with no intention of letting me out i would just quit the server.

it wouldnt work very well in any case, because the fact that rust has sleeping bags means that there isn’t such a huge drawback to dying. as soon as you cuff someone and take their gear they may as well just suicide, whereas in games like DayZ its worth trying to stay alive in areas where you can still get loot.

So let me get this straight - we should leave in the kill command, and if we left in the kill command it would be pointless? This is what you are suggesting?

As for “It wouldn’t be fun if the prisoner wasn’t roleplaying it and enjoying it” - being taken prisoner is not supposed to be fun.

It takes a clan to keep an eye on someone to the point of making them server quit. And from what I’ve seen, someone has to be a real asshole to warrant that much time and resources. Sure, I did a little neighbour griefing, but it wasn’t permanent. And I probably would have let them go eventually.

The only tales I’ve seen of people server quitting (threads on the steam forum) you could just tell from the way the OP talked (almost always these OP’s are the people who were taken prisoner) that they were a complete dick and had it coming. It’s a fine game mechanic IMO.

i didn’t say it should be added, i said that if it was added it would be stupid without being able to get out of it somehow, and with that it would be pointless anyway because freshspawns could just suicide and there’s no point in going along with it after all your gear is missing and you can just spawn at home.

‘being taken prisoner is not supposed to be fun’, playing the game is supposed to be fun. allowing players to basically prevent other players from being able to play the game in any way for as long as they want without giving them an escape is not fun, its just frustrating. like i said if someone did it to me i would go play another server and only check every so often to see if i have been killed yet, but if i liked another server better anyway i’d just leave completely. i can imagine server owners don’t like the idea too much of players being able to grief others to the point of them no longer playing.

even in DayZ cable ties are not permanent, they don’t last long before breaking. the entire point of them is just to temporarily restrain a player so they can’t pull a fast one on you, but like i said in rust this servers no purpose because there is no incentive to stay alive after someone has stolen all your gear but you have a house full of resources you can spawn in.

this is exactly what i don’t understand. what kind of prick gets fun purely from ruining someone else’s gaming experience, and why should we cater to them? i wouldn’t waste my time playing a game that allows someone else to “capture” me indefinately.

would you keep playing if someone did that to you because they “felt like it”?

I would keep playing. I’d try and find a way out.

It looks like as soon as the clan hear movement or you banging on the wall, they would tranq the person so they could heal them up again. I’d just stay silent until I had gathered enough of my own shit to eat at once and commit suicide. If that didn’t work…well there would be some way out. I would find it.

well i’ll give you credit for commitment. doubt i would last longer than 30mins of fucking around in a locked room before i got bored. how long do you think you would last if you couldn’t escape?

Because it’s funny?

Funny to the person being the jerk off, maybe.

At any rate, if the person who is captured is okay with it, and wants to role play with you, more power. But if they don’t want to play the game that way, then it’s not fun, it’s annoying. And servers die a quick death when there are bullies and thugs that are on it all the time.

They would need to leave in the kill command for the people who dont want to role play and just want to get on with there lives. if you remove it there would be a lot of issues