New Rust Legacy bug, placing a metal door turns the whole ground green.

I noticed this but, seeing so many major bugs/problems, I think this is the least of their problems.

Think positively: at least now doors are easy to place, before you had to spam click and keep moving.

The legacy build won’t ever get updates. If they gave the slightest fuck about the current build they would of patched the file name change exploit (lets you see and place sleeping bags through walls) and the barricade pillar exploit (lets you scale towers very cheaply and fully countering it is insanely expensive) months ago.

You do know that it was updated today?

Pretty sure they just updated experimental and made it so people who don’t check would be aware of its existence. Its too little too late for the legacy build, I’m not interested in playing Rust now until the experimental version is somewhat feature complete.

So thy do an update and wierd things happen to legacy. Sounds legacy got at least an unintended update.

The Legacy version actually did get an update of sorts. There was another option under Betas, Dev Branch. It was probably the version being worked on before they pushed it live. On the Dev Branch you could do things like change your FoV, but a downside is you’re unable to throw Supply Signals. There are some slight terrain differences as well. The green floor while placing doors is a new one though.

It looks like they got rid of the Dev Branch and just pushed that update to the Legacy version. Not being able to throw Supply Signals sucks. It would be nice if they made that small update but I’m not really worried about it either. Just looking forward to Experimental getting complete. :slight_smile:

Why should they update an old iteration of the game? Simply to satisfy your demands for instant gratification? They’re trying to make a good end-product, not some passable piece of junk to satisfy your whims. You didn’t buy the game at launch – you bought it during development, knowing full well (or if not, shame on your for not reading up on it) that the product came with no promises. That means that current playability comes second to the quality of the game at actual launch.

And just to note, I’m responding to all of your comments in the thread thus far, not just the quoted one.

“The default branch will be updated once a week – to accompany the devblog. But if you subscribe to the experimental branch you will get live updates as they are committed.”

So both versions will be receiving updates actually

I think you misunderstood that quote. Once the experimental branch goes live, it will become the default branch. Until then, there isn’t one, just Legacy and experimental. Legacy isn’t getting any more updates.

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