New RUST logo on zee main page is...


Whoever is responsible, please take a look and get it right.

Thank you.


REPAIRED imaginary ONE: …figure it out on your own!

IMPROVED ONE (by humble me):

Learned lesson: more stripes, more RUST!

(User was banned for this post ("cliff-hanger thread title" - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("cliff-hanger thread title" - postal))

It is supposed to look like that it is a take on the radiation symbol

Enormous piece of shit is what I think your logo is.

You no understand, take a look at zee original picture. it is badly painted.
Left and upper side are no symmetrical to the lower right.
Every stripe (3 of them) should take exactly 1/3 of the (imaginary) circle, but it does not.

Fstop: that is correct, the one you posted IS symmetrical. Rust one is NOT. Take a closer look one more time.

That’s the point though, it is supposed to look crude and badly painted. That’s the type of atmosphere they are trying to convey in Rust. I think it wouldn’t suit the game if it was symmetrical and neat.

I understand the point of Rust, but how do you know the same “point” is in the logo too?
That really does not make any sense and if anything, it does look bad.

Logos don’t need to be OCD symmetrical. Plus everyone else is liking the new logo so…

But yours has 4 sides. I guess i don’t understand

That was just a joke and irony, mate. Point was, mine IS symmetrical, but not better overall, ofc.


I can’t tell if you are trolling or not, OP, but either way, you got me laughing, thanks for that, I really needed it this morning.

At least someone.

Why do you type “zee”? Why can’t you type “the”?

Hmm, I don’t like your logo, sir. I like the current logo. It could have used a more rustic image to it, but overall, there is nothing wrong with the new logo.

Zee what? :v: