Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve started a new RUST Let’s Play. It’s somewhat of an informational video, since I try and describe things here and there. Regardless, I’d love any feedback/criticism on it; I only have one episode up, but the second (and more) will be coming soon. If you did enjoy it, please remember to like, comment, and subscribe for more. And please share it if you can :slight_smile:


Aren’t there like, 5000 other Rust LP’s out there?

Like I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything just, you’ll get much more views on obscure or uncommon games.

Just the nature of the fact that it’s been done soooo many times before. It’s different when the game is fresh to the public’s eye.

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looking at your page, the reason KoA may have more views than LoL is because it’s not as big.


also I mean like you seem great but, try for more uncommon games

that and, joining to advertise is just… a no no thing.

Hard to believe coming from someone with an avatar such as that.

The nazi thing is a joke due to reddit calling the mod nazi’s :v: (I followed the joke because they act like FP is nazi germany)

and why does that make it any less invalid? there are hundreds of hundreds of people who have already done lets plays of Rust. Another one being made is just going to be yet another one that’s going to be forgotten. It’s not going to give anything special or have anything interesting to really show, even if it is properly made.

And your a mod?

But you aren’t a mod

:rolleyes: Kids will do anything for attention.

Because my avatar totally makes my opinion any less valid lol. Rust LP’s have been done to death, just like minecraft lets plays.

Also I’m like, 20 and shit.

Nice video Synyster!

Dude, your judging someone because of their avatar.
That speaks a million words over a picture.

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The Fucking Irony.

Ever heard the expression “first impression is everything”? Welcome to forum 101. Don’t get your panties in a bundle.

I have been here for 8 years, and have an above average number of posts.

I’m pretty sure the fact that bans are common here and I’m still here indicates that I’m not actually the asshole you think I am

Judging based on avatars and titles is retarded. Judging by the impression you’re making you won’t last very long here. Welcome to forum 101. Stop being cynical. I was GENUINELY trying to help the guy.

Forum 101. :v:

Sorry for starting an argument in here, not my intention :confused:

Anyways, I do appreciate the input J!NX, and you are correct, it would make more sense to make an LP on a game that is more uncommon or one that doesn’t have 5 million LPs already (Like RUST). I do have different series lined up, I just decided to start out with RUST, since I do enjoy it quite a lot. Do I bring something new or different to the table? No, I wouldn’t say I do, so I don’t actually except anyone to enjoy/watch them. I just needed a starting point, and I decided on RUST. I enjoy playing RUST, so I thought I’d might as well upload it, just in case someone may get enjoyment out of it as well. If any of that makes sense.

Regardless, I appreciate the feedback and the kind words on the video. I’m obviously new to this (Minus the KoA and LoL videos, but those are old and terrible, if I do say so myself), so any comments on the matter is appreciated.

I feel you *may *also enjoy this. I think it should do well in a lets play.

You’re a good person.

You seem like a good guy. If you’re really interested in becoming a part of the Facepunch community and are not simply here to advertise your videos to us, I suggest making that clear when the time comes. I say this because creating an account just for advertising is frowned upon here and only bad things can happen.

Because you seem cool and someone that we probably want to keep around.

BTW, this is only advice. We’re not mods. Mods are coloured green. Gold Members are basically regular users with larger, animated avatars and access to a few private forums that, really, are nothing special.

To add, if you get banned for this (joining to advertise) seek the refugee camp and look to post on the forums for at least 100 or more posts before posting other lets plays, or until you feel confident.

Kids will also bitch about anything for attention.

Including theoretically offended people.

and from our first impression you’re a terrible poster.