New rust Mode - Fractions

Hey guys,

I have a ideia for a new mode rust, please dont ignore.

Rust is unfair for new players, when I enter in a new server there are already players with giant houses and with whole type of guns, c4, rockets, etc.
The next day we are always stolen because we never have a building with sufficient strong to obstruct the robbers, the game becomes frustrating very soon for new players

Then I think you guys have to implement fractions, i add a example of map with fractions picture.

The rules are simple:

  • The objective of each fraction is conquer all the opposing fractions flags
  • A random player allways enters in the team with fewer players
  • Teams cannot build in the territory of the other fractions, only when conquer the flag, just can catch resources
  • Players of our team must have a green light on top of the head, so that we can differentiate the enemies
  • The air drops only dropped in the center of the map on the neutral zone where neither team can build
  • The flags is the Center of a city, it must not be possible to build too close to them, to be possible the opposing teams can conquer
  • When a flag is conquered, the conquered players can continue build on the area they belong and have to recapture the flag to get back the control of the territory
  • When a fraction capture all flags the server wipe and the team won

With this mode new players feel that there is always someone to help them and that there is a clear aim beyond survival. I can already see fantastic battles/Villages with cities raids, not just the small raids houses.

I have more ideas to help you guys make one of the best games ever.

Sorry about my english.


Great ideia, this solve the problem of houses everywere.

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radtowns go to the neutral area too

This seems more like a modded server idea. It imposes too many rules.

This is fine as it’s own game, I guess. It’s well thought out.

However, isn’t the point of Rust the freedom, survival and randomness? Why is everyone so concerned with “fairness”? What does that even mean in the context of Rust? I mean, who cares if you can’t get as geared or hoard as much items as others? It’s not like it’s the end goal.
I thought the experience of crafting, hunting, building shelter, and ultimately carving your own path in nature and not just following a preset formulated routine in the survival game was the point, at least for me. But it seems everyone wants to just make Rust a PVP arena mod with PVP-free zones.

I think rust is not a survival game. Is to easy survive, the only danger is anothers players.

Like bdaboy say, i enter in a oficial server and is houses everywere, does not give me the feeling of isolation. Only get the feeling that there is a disorderly buildings everywhere without any sense.

With this mode, players could start from scratch and build a small town and defend it.

Yes ferro, looks like a modded idea, but i like it :wink:

ok, the thing is it just gets players to build nice and close to the neutral zone so they can dominate there instead.

too artificial, and honestly don’t think it would solve the power imbalance between settled players and newspawns. also don’t think there shouldn’t be a power differential between a player who has been there for a week and a player who has been there a minute.

i understand what you say, but if you are too close from the neutral area, you are too far from the flag and vulnerable to large rivals groups

The idea is the players help each other, build a small town to get more chance of survive.

battlerust :stuck_out_tongue:



This is a good idea if you want to create a city and defend it from sieges. Also it would make everyone have to work together, I find it too often that I join a clan and half the people are just slackers. But I think it should be for modded servers only this would ruin rust if it were on all servers.

Upgrade fractions to decimals.

I’m to irrational to play in a fraction.

Oh my god I’m dying.

I don’t know why new players always demand to immediately be equals to the people who have been playing for hours / days / weeks. Of COURSE the people playing longer will have an advantage. Of COURSE the people playing in teams will have an advantage. Of COURSE the players with more stuff will have an advantage.

Solo players can and do survive. Every server, every day.

I was expecting to see some math happening in here. So disappointed…

This is the exact opposite of where I would want the game to go.

If I saw garry propose this I might actually cry. Plenty of games that impose a shit-ton of rules and systems and shit, I love Rust for the freedom.
Not that your idea is shit, don’t feel insulted, I also like playing games that work like this, with similar rules/systems and your concept is pretty cool. I just wouldn’t want it for Rust because the concept/vision of Rust is so much cooler and so much more unique.

So yea, really big nope nope nope nope nope.

You dawg, fraction of a fraction of a fraction…

You big baby.