New Rust Models ARE AMAZING

I love the new curves on the boys!

What happens if you set your graphics all the way to amximum?

these are MAX settings

No, you’re definitely not on the maximum graphics settings… set the video slider all the way to the right and click apply.

ah sorry, i checked an it was full graphics by default but for some reason was not applied.
set to max and relog’d

Im curious if they’ll have any other race for the player model (not being racist).Makes you think if all the races died off in the apocolyspe.Im African American and im perfectly fine with the model and skin, but some people may agree.I understand that this is a alpha and they’ll may have new skins for the models. Again not being racist, just giving my opinion. Game looks good so far too.

we plan to have more diversity in player models eventually but it’s not a priority atm

Those fucking models man.
Rust: The new cry of fear. (Now has c4 included!)

I respect and understand,keep up the good work.

looks better when your in rad suits

LOL! hilarious

another problem atm aside from no hitmarkers on new model = shotgun does no damage

Funny, I haven’t had any of this shit happen on Cry of Fear, co-op or single-player. Also, CoF was made on an ancient engine, so newer graphic cards are typically the reason for things not looking the way they should or incorrect settings.

I love a good dick in my face as anybody.

Loving the models!

Im sorry, has nothing to do with thread but, does rust run on a macbook pro 13"?

Looks gnarly boys

finally our dream of running naked through the fields together has become a reality

Someone make a video/pics posting no armor then with each armor please

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what i just founded