New Rust Names

Just A Thread for a laugh, post ideas for a new name for Rust here.

My Names:
Paranoid Lumberjack Simulator 2013 (Thanks to all the Axe murderers)
Slender: Soldiers (Slender, But Now With Hundreds Of Axe Wielding Soldiers!)

Bitching: The game v3.14


“Butthurt Hacker Accusations Simulator” would make more sense in your situation, with everyone here calling you a Hacker :3

Did you see my axe?

Lag Sim 2014 now with coal smoking.

Axe simulator 2013 “Stunning 3D” “Amazing motion-capture”

“Revolutionary axe technology”

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“11/10 it’s okay”

“Sunrise simulator 2014”.

Rusty Axe Simulator

Murderthon 2013 - Jason Edition

You heard the ch ch ch’s in the woods too!

KOS Edition…


Douchebag Paradise

oh man :smiley:
had a good laugh

Redneck Question Show: May I Axe You A Question?

“bandit defense simulator 2013”

“10/9 did you hear tha…slash…slash…slash”

Big Game Redditor Hunter 2013

Russia 2029: Call of Arstotzka