New Rust & OBS?

Hello, I have recently started playing Rust again and I would like to stream it however when I run the game and start the game capture (with the anti-cheat compatablility enabled) my game crashes. I have tried many things such as starting obs as admin, starting rust as admin, fullscreen, windowed, moniter capture (which works but decreases performance)… I have spend quite a bit of time and surprisingly I can’t find anything to help me.

I’ve even gone to the extent of looking on twitch for streamers who could possibly help me but everyone that streams rust is streaming the old rust. Making me think there is no fix for this.

Any help would be appreciated thanks! Also if you happen to reply to this within the next 6 hours come by my stream please and give me some help.

no one knows?

Check on EAC’s site to see if your capture software is supported. I have seen plenty of people stream experimental.