New Rust Patch is Currently Live! (Screenshots)

Alright, the new Rust patch is out with a variety of new things. As mentioned on the trello page locked backpacks (Or suitcases, whatever) have been added as well as the new lockpick item that currently can only be used on the locked backpack. Not to mention this but also some redone animations when looking at other players use melee weapons (Rocks are held like footballs and hatchets swing more ruthlessly etc.). Not to mention the new rock and wood node textures and destruction when being collected. Already this new patch is looking promising

Rock and wood destruction + Textures:

Standard found formation

First destruction phase

Second Destruction phase

Third and final Destruction phase

Last but definitely not least we have the replacement to the zombies that were removed completely. As shown its just a reskin of the bear and wolf with the same sound effect with less health it seems:

Alright, though I’m sure there’s plenty I have missed (Since patch notes haven’t been posted on the official website yet) the update is looking fantastic so far and I’m looking forward to the future development of Rust as a whole, regardless of what I think about some of the things added in the update. Have fun guys! Also, bitches love cannons.