New rust player, disappointed....

Just got the game Friday and have been enjoying the game alot, been grinding for hours to build my base on hapis island and was told the servers wipe every Thursday!? Is this right? A major downer for me, first time i have played a new game for about 15 hours and become bored with it :frowning: Maybe its not for every server, or its due to it being alpha, will weekly server wipes always be part of this game even when it isn’t alpha anymore? Other than this devastation news i have enjoyed my time on rust so far but i will definately not be putting as much effort into base building. On the chance that everything i wrote related to the game is wrong i do apologize as im a new player :slight_smile: Do the server wipes annoy you guys? Cant say im going to be as ambitious as i was when building now. I have only played on hapis yet to experience the other maps or modded servers so i dont know if the same rules apply there.

No it’s not right.

The Hapis map has only been around for about 2 weeks now, so it will probably be wiped regularly for the next while.
Other than those running the Hapis map, most servers are force wiped on the first update (Thursday) of the month to make changes to the procedural maps. High population servers generally last about 2 to 3 weeks, though. If you want a solid month, try to find a medium to low population server.

Play on a community server. Most will only wipe monthly when the update forces a wipe.

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oh thats not bad news then, 3 to 4 weeks is ok, is the server wipes always going to be around even in the full game? Can i ask whats the difference between standard and modded servers? I think il try out the other maps, like i said the restarts are a bit of a bummer but im really enjoying the game still, and with the other servers not restarting as regular as hapis i can still enjoy the base building!

Modded servers usually have some sort of resource multiplier to make it easier for more casual players to play the game. There are also kits that you can give yourself to tech up faster. I’d recommend avoiding them initially while you learn the basics of the game. The best in my opinion are the community servers as they’re standard servers with admins that watch out for hackers. Avoid high population servers at first as well, you’ll have a much easier time of putting down a base.

Server wipes are a necessary evil right now because once a server hits its maximum allowed objects on the map it starts breaking down. As the game continues to develop the wipe times should start spreading out over longer periods of time.