New rust plugin - need help


Me and a friend are going to make a new community, and with that we want to try and make ourselfs a gamemod in rust.
We are busy with coding everything ourselfs, but we yet lack some experience with coding LUA.

A testing server is available, and you will be credited for every single second of work you help us with!

So what i want to ask here is for someone to help us code some stuff. We can talk about payments etc, nothing like that is a problem.
Anyone intrested pm me, i will ask to show something as proof that you are in fact capable of helping us!

To give you an idea of what you’ll have to do:

  • Teams (Saving players to 2 different files, with more info attached to them, like money, exp etc)
  • Flag cap (into what level this would be possible)
  • Chat manipulation

We want to get this into testing fase by next month so.
As we want to put more time in getting all the rest ready to go, we could use all the help out there!

Thanks in advance, and sorry for any bad english!

Contact info:
Skype: bpgilly
Steam: Bpgilly