New Rust - Recipe list?

Hi there,

is there a crafting guide or recipe list anywhere?

it would be great see what I need and what is available other then you know 52/77 BP

there are items in the game like batteries that cant’ find a use for.

If you press f1 and in a tab there is an item list. I’ve only seen out dated guides online due to the frequent changes. Best bet would be rustified. If you’re asking about a particular recipe ask here and I will let you know.

I see the list, I guess I am looking for the recipe for those items. example can I (a) find a BP for pickaxe and if so (b) what are the required items? I am assuming wood/metal.

Hunt barrels for BP’s.

Pick Axe is 100 wood 50 frags.
Same as the hatchet.