New RUST server 2/2/14!! Oxide! Instant Craft, Full Econ, Quests, Infected, +Airdrop+, PVP, Sleep, Fair Admin!

New RUST server 2/2/14!! Oxide! Instant Craft, Full Econ, Quests, Infected, PVP, Sleep, Fair Admin!

Hit F1 and type: net.connect

Friendly PVP server just started the server 2/2/14

Full economy!! Buy ANYTHING!! (at a price)
Being killed by another player give 15% of your cash to that player!
Killing zombies/animals gives varying amounts of cash.

Quests! Just joined and want an M4? Do the MoreZombies quest!

Infected! - Zombies and radtion can cause infection. When a player dies while infected a zombie will spawn with the players loot! New mod, somewhat buggy, but does increase zombie difficulty because death is more serious.

  • no hacking

Feedback accepted and looking for fair and responsible admins!

Why you shoud play with us;

  1. Fair Admins - no abuse. The only thing I will do is manual airdrops to encourage pvp when players are online.
  2. PVP is encouraged while destroying/raiding houses is made harder.
    • The econ system will provide players of all types (including resource farmers) a way to obtain guns/armor.
    • There is financial incentive to PVP.
    • C4 is still available, but is not craftable, so hopefully 1 guy won’t be able to raid 1 farmer then have 100 c4 to raid the entire server.
  3. Zombie killing is a main source of currency, therefore 2 mods have been added to make zombie killing more interesting and harder - Infected and Quests
  4. Quests - 3 quests are currently available through the /qhelp menu
  5. Infected - When you are hit by a zombie or hit a high radtional level you become infected. When an infected player dies a zombie spawns with his loot until killed and drops the loot. This mod came out 1/31/14 and is great but needs some work. Right now the zombie inventory is about 8-10 slots whereas player inv is much greater. So unfortunately the zombie inventory is smaller than player, and this seems to cause some loot loss. Give me feedback! Loot loss from death to zombie does make zombie killing more interesting/more hardcore, but I don’t want to upset any players either. (I lost 2 research kits and an m4 last night, which is how I discovered the bug). But I’m okay with that loss. Are you?


I have disabled the infected mod. the 16 item loss was too much. Hopefully the mod creator can fix soon.

Banned us for telling him wut he could do to make the server better as it is the server is to easy in my opinion. m4 and mp5 blueprints in my first 3 zombie kills a quest of 20 zombies to get m4 you get to much money for zombie kills to buy items but you don’t even need an economy since everything drops from zombies so easily. I vote 2 thumbs down for this server just not my cup of tea. Great if you don’t actually want to play the game I guess.

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Oh and my friend had full Kevlar within 5min of being on the server. econ fail was able to get the airdrop and sell 5 explosives for 50000 and buy full kev within minutes.

I want to avoid being banned so if an admin feels personally attacked, I’ll avoid making suggestions from what you described. Why do you think Stonemage was so hypersensitive to your proposal?