New Rust server and more.

Hi all,

After having a 7DaysToDie Server for a while, we decided to go for a Rust Server aswell.

Admins are Mars and Nuke(me).

Why a rust server?

  • After having some bad experience(s) with admins abusing their servers, we decided to host one. If we can’t play on a server without admin abuse, then we’ll make a server without admin abuse.

We’re open for suggestions, so if you think the server needs to have instant craft ( or not ) we can make a poll or vote. Or maybe explosives need to be super rare because you don’t like the raiding part in Rust.

But i won’t change Sleepers, they are and will stay turned ON. So called combat loggers are pretty active in Rust aswell, and sleepers are the best way to solve that.

If there’s anything you want to know, just ask Mars or me(you can contact us via our community). We’re planning on setting up more servers in the future for different games.

you can join our steam community:

Our Rust server:

about the server:
Europe, magma (rust++), working airdrops, last wipe: 8-5, Sleeper, instacraft.

so bring your friends and join our community to keep in touch with other roaming Rust players! (under construction)

Kind regards,

Nice work! Good to go!!