NEW RUST SERVER : {AUS} ZK Oxide PVP, new as of 7 pm 22/1

HI! We have started up a Zhentil Keep Server, named as the title {AUS} ZK Oxide 22/1-door share- PVP, as of 7pm 22/1

First and foremost this IS a PVP server, you will be shot, hacked, speared, stoned, harassed, blown up, shook down, maybe you’ll even be force fed raw chicken…if the person on the other end isn’t feeling charitable.

The Admins are active, honest and Invisible to other Players so there will be no quarter for them and no schmoozing by the public towards them for benefits or anything.

Door share at your own risk if your “friend” decides you don’t need the house anymore…throw some C4 on their walls :slight_smile:

We’re looking for a FUN and fast paced PVP aspect from the server which should be fair to everyone. So, please don’t come a hackin or we just be banning no chances!

Manshoon is not playing at the moment. However, the plan is to try and get him to play for all the fans out there!

Come have a crack at the Mighty Zhentil Keep. We Know there are players out there dying for the chance!


I joined this server. Was good to play lag free and get a fresh start.

I asked a few questions and got answers. Recommend for both new and experienced players.

Look forward to owning some ZKers soon !

Good server thanks.

Enjoyable , good community.

Like that explosives isn’t easy to come by.