New Rust Server! Editie's|Wiped 19\2|StarterKits|Door Share!|Airdrops 3 Hours|24/7|NO Lag|NO Decay|Active Admins!

This is my new Rust server, the server has the mod Rust++ installed.

Currently the airdrops are set to every 3 hours but it will change when the server gets more people on it. The server has Drop Party mod/plugin you can only get c4 and granades in airdrops for the time being.
There is a starter kit, door sharing, no lag, no decay and active admins!


Base raiding is allowed you can even raid the admins base
C4 crafting is allowed
Hacking IS NOT allowed
PVP is on
Sleepers is on
Admins do NOT abuse their powers. If you and your friend want to build a house together i can Teleport your friend to you.

Server ip- net.connect

Press F1 at the server selection screen then put the ip in and enter, Boom your in the server!

Im hoping that the server can increase in popularity so we have more players on.

Admins will turn on instacraft for a few hours so you can all get your bases finished.

Hope to see you soon!
The Admin/Owner is Editie In Rust.

                  **Admin base**

** Rust++**