New Rust++ Server [US] PGC | Half-Craft | PvP | Door Share | Sleepers

This server is running the Rust++ mod. The features that it includes are door sharing, private messaging, ping, location, players and starter kits. It was last wiped 1/20. The server itself is located in Chicago for good ping around the US. C4 is lootable and craftable, aswell as military weapons. Airdrops start at 10 players but will be raised depending on the server population. Crafting time is half, pvp is on, sleepers on. Admins are active all throughout the day and night, so if there is any questions, feel free to come ask.

If you’re looking for a fresh start or looking to learn the ropes, give it a try.

To connect, open your console (F1) and paste - net.connect