New Rust Server US Read for details!


We are a new up coming server that has no admin abuse, rules that are pretty simple. No harassing players, no hacking, and thats about it! We are PvP and encourage it as well as raids. We are a sleepers server with little less than Half craft time. Server is located in the US. We are currently using Rust++ but should be moving over to Oxide. The point of our server is just to provide you with the most basic simplistic Rust experience well having fun and being not a :heart::heart::heart::heart: head at the same time. Feel free to join up, we are looking for long term players who want to come in, build up, and stay. Also we are open to suggestions and help or advise how to better our server! We will bring all of you want you want!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not four. Also missed the servers subforum" - postal))