New Rust Server - US -West Coast -PVP -No Sleepers -Active Admin


I started a new Rust server for your playing pleasure. I regular the server myself, and I work hard to make it a fun enviroment for players. I do not allow instant crafting.

Please come join us and have fun.

Come play!

To Join:

Open Rust

Press F1 type net.connect
or net.connect

Hope to see you soon!


If you plan on making my server your home feel free to add me on steam @Aaronion

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - MaxOfS2D))

Hello I recommend you to move this to the servers sub-forum its a special area made to advertise servers. Mods are really strict about this and it will just lead to trouble if you advertise it in this section.

The servers sub-forum button is at the top left corner of the screen on the forum.

Hope I was helpful

Not in love with this, otherwise I’d check it out. Just an FYI.

I am new to the hosting bit. Do you recommend against it?

Doing any kind of teleporting is taking away from the game. That’s my opinion though.