New Rust Server with Active Admins!

Server Name: US FreshWipe 7/2 NoDura/ActiveAdmins/Sleepers
IP: net.connect

We have several admins, each with over 1000 hours in rust, so we know what most players want out of the game. We are all dedicated to providing an environment free of cheaters and such.
Some features of our server include:

  • Removal Tool
  • Private Messaging Ability
  • Creatively Built Arena for the PVPers
    -Arenas are built by the admins who all love to pvp, and there will be a new crazy design for them after each wipe.

Dont waste any more time losing your belongings to cheaters, come and join us and you can get back to enjoying rust the way it should be played.

Have been playing this server the last 2 times it wiped now, I love it. The arena is pretty damn cool and they seem to have quite a few regulars that are helpful for people newer to rust.