New Rust Sever [US][PvP][Sleepers][OXIDE][Uncraft C4][No Admin Abuse][InstaCraft]

We’re a newly started server, you’re welcome to join us, have fun!

                        -Active Admins/No Admin Abuse
                       - Pvp
                        -Loot table adjusted
                        -Rare C4
                       - Sharing groups.
                       - Remove tool - /remove to remove stuff (only your own stuff).
                        -Airdrops - Comes when there are 10 players or more online.
                        -Location: US - Chicago

  To join the server open up your console by pressing F1 and typing/pasteing this address: net.connect


nice sever

Best server ever must play.

This. server. is. godly. Must. Join.



fun server! hope more people come and join in!

Newly added RARE CRAFTABLE C-4.