New Rust... the shit begins at the basic things... the way your character moves in the new rust

i think everyone knows what i mean, have you ever tried to go up a little “mountain”, it feels not real and really simply TO HARD. it feels like my character is an 80 year old woman and not a smart & strong 25 year old black guy with many muscles like an black version of Schwarzenegger. same shit goes on when you are trying to jump on something, most of the time when i press JUMP so late as i can to jump further, my character doesnt jump… just try it out and you will know what i mean.

there are more shit like this, have you ever tried to go up on the stairs of this ball - monument?..

i just will say: the new rust is not bad at all but it fails in the basic things which are really important for the gameplay and the way the game feels, for me it feels i play a 80 year old woman, or maybe i am not playing rust, maybe i play “my life with 300 Kilogram”

Maybe because jumping is not made to jump up on heights, but its rather more realistic compared to legacy. I dont think, its that bad as you describe, but I would like to see some kind of climbing.

Besides sometimes when my jump just fails to activate I think the new jump/move/physics in this game are good.

Don’t forget running is at 70% of the speed you can run in legacy - for some reason. : (
It is was too slow - painfully slow.

Unity bug

They are adding horses for travel/carrying and hopefully combat =D

I’d say the overall control is better in this version.
Animations are coming along as well.
Legacy was animated poorly in general, looked incredibly stiff and hardly dynamic.

Movement is not better. What kind of game makes you get stuck on mushrooms when you walk? Running is slower, and moving over rocks is much worse than legacy. Even jumping seems worse. This has nothing to do with animations.

You mean I should be able to run straight without having to avoid an obstacle? I’ve had it wrong all this time!

The mushrooms are annoying, but realistically speaking you often just slide off them rather than get genuinely halted.

Those rocks are just rude!

It’s called Experimental for a reason!

I genuinely agree with what you’re saying and I’ve experienced these -I’d say- “small annoyances”, however the fact that I see constant updates, hard work, and new features coming to the game each week, I won’t stop myself from enjoying the game. Tbh, server wipes are more annoying than what you’re talking about.

I don’t see any of the current game issues that are game breaking. It’s just a matter of time…

Horses will be a big deal if we get to actually ride them. I hope that devs won’t not implement them in a straight forward way, and make it more challenging to maintain a horse so that the game won’t become a horse simulator.

Wouldn’t making it take more effort to maintain them push it in the direction of being a horse simulator? haha

Most people who have played Legacy knows what he means. Movement in general is way to limited in the new version. They need to tweak sprint jumping and the movement in slopes, its just frustrating atm.

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LOL Didn’t see that coming. Anyway, it’s just an idea. The point is that there should be people running and walking, not suddenly see everyone riding a horse and only step down when they need to chop a tree!

Maybe make them hard to obtain, so it becomes rewarding to own a horse? Make a horse die after a while? etc…

EDIT: Btw, the latest blog update will deal with animal movement! … We’re getting there.

I’ve mentioned the issue with animal movement in a previous post. Animals look like they teleport from one spot to another. So viola, my above post proves what I was saying. Kudos to the devs.

My character can jump over 3 meters long and 1.5 meters high. I would say any more than that and he would have to be Spiderman? How far do you want to be able to jump???

Been playing since the web plugin, dude.
The movement capabilities in Legacy were so fucked you could glitch into shit without having to suicide.

For general day-to-day movement, you know- not scaling a shear cliff or wedging yourself under the map, it’s fine. Then again, I’ve been playing this version since it was under the beta tab in Steam. I guess they call it practice.

sound like “I haven’t played Legacy for so long I don’t remember at all that it is much easier to move across rocks in Legacy and in other ways movement is better too (such as running is faster).”

But yeah, it’s all because we haven’t practiced moving enough yet. Right.

Well have to admit that climbing a mountain is pretty annoying in Rust 2.0. I don’t have any problems with movement though.

Nobody cares that running was faster in legacy except for you. It doesn’t matter what speed everyone is at since everyone runs the same speed. Get used to new mechanics instead of whining.