New Rust Version

Hey i was just wondering how the new version of rust is going to be sent out? because i have paid i will get the new version so i was just wondering how they intend to Send all Early access players a copy.

you wont have to pay again for the new version


misread your post, when you press on the Play button it’ll show you an option to play the experimental branch, when more players are playing experimental than the default branch, the experimental branch will be the default one, and the old one will be archived so you’ll still be able to play it

my first screen to pick either version doesnt come up anymore for some reason, if its the same with you just go to the installation folder, its under experimental on the rust/steam folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\rust\experimental

  • i run a 64 bits system, your program files folder might have a name without the (x86)

it only comes up if you select the game from the library, and press Play

ie standard shortcuts will run the .exe (so typically legacy build), whereas the play button via steam will bring up the choice which version you want to play:)