New RUST Wiped 3-9 @ 530pm EST - Pirates

****Revenge is the name of the game and here you will find it…PvP with Events,Airdrops,Action - All Welcome to have Fun and RUST!

: net.connect

**The second server Airdrop will be tonight 3-10 @ 9pm & 11pm EST - let the games begin!

Next week we will launch our new maps for Survival Games Events and Prizes for the Elite! JOIN NOW!!!

The Server Just Wiped - Come Weather the STORM!

Community Server - 100 slots

[US] STORM : Wiped 3-9 @ 530pm : Airdrop @ 9pm : PvP :New Welcome**

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1 hour and 9 minutes until the first server Airdrop.

JOIN NOW - Clans/Factions welcome**

Drop starting in 2 minutes…

**Well we had a successful drop last night…two players got a piece of it. A little shooting, but no one lost their life - this time!

Tonight, there will be 2 drops between 9-11pm EST.

The server was wiped yesterday and is still quite young - NO WIPES!**

Please join - all are welcome.

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AIRDROP IN 7 MINUTES & again @ 11pm good luck!