New sandbox category: assets for sandbox

The assets for sandbox category would be a collection of modelling, texturing, rigging, simulating, etc. posts, about assets (props, player models, animations, effects, sounds etc) for sandbox. It would be a destination for any new content creators looking to expand their knowledge, experienced gurus to share theirs, or simple people asking simple questions. It is similar to the mapping and coding categories, being the natural third branch (as per the generally-accepted rule of three). It would also let us share tips and tuts for source2 itself and its pipeline, even before sandbox is actually released.

maybe “asset creation” or something?

Maybe just a source2 category?


Source 2 category would be good

“Community Assets” ?
Whatever it’s called, I think having a dedicated place for assets early on would be really helpful.

Asset creation is good, but I wanted to keep it sandbox centered. (Also the name was There’s a lot of forums/topics for asset creation for 3d packages, engines etc. Sandbox’s a unique blend, so it should receive its focus. It’s more than source2, because it also includes importing custom formats, creating sandbox-specific tricks etc.

Source 2 category would be nice

Source2 is not the best definition for it. We want S&box specific asset creation. Source2 can refer to many things, coding and networking included. Also i believe s&box specific tips and tricks and even asset creation itself will differ from source2 asset creation.