New sandrail

I wanted something to drive on gm_bajarama so I created this. 4 seats, independent single wishbone suspension and quite good handling. powered by it’s wheels.

Looks like it was done by a 13 year old on facebook.

Here’s what it’s based on

Tomorrow I’ll change the wheels and colour.

Sheesh fuck is it ugly.

Wheels are way too small.

I drove that shizzle, for real. No but i loved it, the steering was awesome.

I think it’s cool. Looks like it’d be one of those “low prop, simple, fun to drive” types. I’d agree, larger wheels would be nice (just parent another slightly larger wheel over the current one) but I’d call it good. Rated artistic.

Though that suspension looks very swing-axle-ish (esp. since the old dune buggies were often VW bugs, which had swingin’ axles…either VW bugs or 2CVs). But having dealt with swing axle steering, I know why it’s wishbone.

the front reminds me of:

with the mouth closed :v:

Bu-buuut at least I’m original :v:

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Oh and its 99 props so I can still add a lot of stuff on it.

The front and the wheels are the only things that bother me but otherwise it looks quite sexy actually :sun:

I wish I had a better computer, 99 props to me is too much XD I lag with 64 props.

Made it look a bit better,

I wish PHX had more wheels :allears:

No fuck off make the wheel base fucking SMALLER unless you use bigger wheels and by bigger I and the community 'cept RedReaperface don’t mean “stack them sideways, yeah?” we mean fucking “you should really use bigger wheels” - Mamba Zamba & Kickasskyle.

What’ll happen if you don’t increase the size of your wheels? Your tummy will scrape and scratch everywhere and all of a sudden it’s not an offroad car cuz it’s not suited for it, yosef.

Also what the flying fuck were you thinking when you photoshopped that picture?
If I see you in-game I’m gonna crowbar the shit out of you.


I did use bigger wheels you clot. That picture is not photoshopped, I used the in-game effect. And no I wont rate you friendly because your post doesn’t make any goddamn sense.

Use bigger wheels, alternatively decrease the wheelbase.

What wheel model would you recommend?

The ones you’re using are fine, I would only decrease the wheelbase - make it shorter. I believe it would hinder the cars tummy from scraping all over the terrain as well as making it look more buff.

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I’m gonna crowbar the shit out of you.


Looks a bit too long compared to the reference picture.

Yep, the wheels obviously need to be larger.