New Scripted Hack!!

Player uses script to fly in the air and then also script a code where the flamethrower’s flame entitie spawns on the other side of the targets wall and can destroy anything in it’s path. Lost alot of good loot last night and my main loot room was 3 floors up and insidea honeycomb here is the link to the GIF that recorded the incident in action. Players known as Ocean, and Khamski were the victums their steam Id will be posted below with the GIF please attend to this ASAP as it is a way to destroy the game’s main physic’s

Ocean steam ID-
Khamski steam ID-

Here is the GIF-

Thankyou for your time pls reply when this has been resolved.

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Don’t worry, your account should be banned soon.

GIF’s prove nothing. Show the actual video