New Seattle Server

Server Info:
Server Name: Rusty AYPs (Usually with some words in parenthesis around it)

To connect in game type or copy:

50 Man Server, Will expand if need be!
Very Likely that YouTube Activity will go on in this Server!
Admin is Fair and Unbiased!

Thanks a lot. Come on in, and make this Server your permanent home!
I’m the Admin, and I’m as active as I possibly can be, I’ll be working on adding more trustworthy admins soon to make very active admins!

Again, Thanks! Have fun!

Great server, admin pays attention to players, and answers questions, would definitely recommend that you give it a try!

The most Shameless of Bumps.

We need more people to play on this server! It’s great so far!

It really is. I love this server!

Another Shameless Bump. Check it out, you don’t have to live in Seattle to play on the server!

This server definitely deserves a bump!

Hoping more people join this server, really fun community so far!

Another quick Bump. Thanks Guys, You will love the server, so far it’s been a bunch of fun! More people joining every day!