New serious roleplay server W.I.P.

Ignore the following paragraph and skip to update.

I am planning on starting a serious roleplay server up by Friday November 8th. The gamemode is a darkrp edit. Prices have been set realistically so a desert eagle costs $1600 about. There are
also very few jobs only for a base. The map will be evocity v2d so there will be vehicles. The max players is
20 and I will add a toolgun for epople who want to build but will restrict some tools. Wiremod will also be added but expression 2 will be set admin only due to it’s dangerous possibilities. If you have anything you think should be added or removed I am open for ideas. Stay tuned for the ip will be released soon. We will be needing admins internationally. The coder for this is hoot14 from uk so lead admin in that area is taken (EDIT: nevermind the lead admin thing, he failed to comply). Free
positions for lead are around gmt +6. That’s in the austrailia, Asia, middle east area.


Here is our new IP:
20 slots. Code is now working and has many entities you can buy. Also has quite a few classes. The low amount of classes didn’t work out correctly.
The map is now rp_oviscity_gmc4. (evocity was too big, hometown didn’t have much to offer, downtown was too small)
We are still looking for great players to help moderate the server.
These are the current mods on the server:
-PHX3 svn
-wire svn
-wire extras
-durgz mod

I stopped the scripting for this xD
Although I can teach you, it’s really easy!

Now using gmodrp with guns and other modifications.

Here’s the temporary IP. Only 10 slots for now but a 20 slot will be open very soon. Looking for serious admins!

i’m your pet, arf arf xd

Ok anyone have an opinion who isn’t on crack?

Hey, I’m from Australia, which by the way is UTC (GMT) +8 (west), +9.5 (central), +10 (eastern). I’m able to go on most nights, I have previous experience (I also am running a DarkRP server), go on the server or PM to talk.

Update: we are now using hometown1999


Holding a admin event on Friday November 6th at 10pm gmt -6 or central time. For anyone who is interested from Europe. The event will be held again November 8th at 6pm gmt 0 or London time. (forgive me for not knowing it’s special name if there is one.) be sure to have rp_hometown1999 if you plan to attend.

My responces and thoughts of this thread

First thought on seeing the OP: “hmm, another ‘serious’ RP server, I wish groups could try and get creative names. Lets see then, DarkRP edit, Not a lot of classes, expensive guns, evocity v2… not a lot bad, but nothing good that makes it stand out.”

Thoughts on seeing the first reply: “A bit of confusion in the servers community. I still need to learn more about it.”

Seeing the hometown map: “Okay, this group might know its way around a good map.”

Reading the rest of the posts: “Alright, the leader is definatly dedicated to the forum posting, I can only assume he is dedicated to the server, I should check it out, see how good it is. Asking for admins on the forums like that normally leads to a shitstorm.”

Reading the reaction from other FP users: “What the heck do these guys smoke? Well, apart from hakita, one of the only partly normal people on the RP forum.”


Maaaaaybe not

Overall thoughts: “Yeah, I might visit the server at the european admin tryouts, have a look see if they can prove themselves.”

I’ll check out the server when I get a chance, my internet connection has literally broken recently.
I’m glad to see that you are keeping up to date with forum posts.

The admin tryouts went great. We now have 4 admins for north America and 1admin for austrailia. We still need European admins so come try out Sunday at 6pm gmt 0. I have faith that this server may survive and live on.

I’ll show up, I want to see this server, I got my internet connect back (My internet died for a week until I had my modem replaced.)

On another note. Don’t come just to get admin, we still need regular serious players. I am also looking for someone who knows their way around the darkrp code. When you go to the server you will notice a scarce amount of entities where there should be a huge list of them.


Admin tryouts are over. If any more are needed I will post here but for now, just come to the server. We haven’t had a single minge attack since the tryouts for Europe. All our admins are serious unless they are minging behind my back which I hope they arnt. If you Want admin, you’ll have to do a good job roleplaying. We are now running on downtown. If you think oviscity is better rate disagree. If you think it should stay on downtown. Rate agree. Still looking for somene who knows lua to improove the server.

P.s. If there is nobody on the server I’m sure nobody will join later on so be proactve, join and get people to join.


P.s.s. For anyone in Europe. I’ll be on the server on Friday at 3pm gmt 0 (uk time). I’ll probably be there till 12pm your time. (11-7 gmt -6 or central time north America)

New IP:

DarkRP cannot be serious. You need to try CakeScript, or at least Tacoscript. The classes are easy to edit, so it doesn’t have to be HL2.

No rp is forcefully serious. It’s only serious if the players are. The gamemode just aids the person. whether I use cake, taco, gmodrp, darkrp, or some other oddly named gamemode, the quality of roleplay depends fully on the players. That is what makes it serious. All my admins are (or as far as I have seen) serious. Just join us. You’ll have fun. Especially if the following people are playing. SoundEffekts, thatdamnbrit, Statua Aliquis, 1st LT Leonard Church, ratchet the mechanic, DeathAndBeyond, and possibly MMavipc.

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