NEW: SeriousScript|Hl2RP|

First of, welcome to this Thread.
This is a Half Life 2 Serious Role Play server called X-Hosters.
Let me give you some benefits of the Community:
We try to Role Play.
We try to Stay cannon.

Our Admin team is helpful to any “new players” to the server or Role play type, our team also listens and trys to solve any problems best as we can.
We currently have some “Flaws” within the Community such as “Forum activeness” & “In-Game activeness”, we hope if you are to come and play, you shall enjoy the Community and server, as it has potential.

We keep Faction/Group applications simple and easy, but we hope to make it harder over time to provide better Role play, I do as I said “Hope you will enjoy us if you are to come”, if you have any questions or complaints please see me “Madcombat” add me as Pubster4566, or “Tokiz” add him as fox_tobias .
Our IP is “”
And our Forums “

Picture from the server:

We will add more info to this thread later. also the addons pack.

Atm our Fast DL is down. So the Downloading speed is kinda slow.

Note: We are looking for Staff members, Contact me “Madcombat” for a interview.

We currently need Faction Leaders too, again, contact me.