New Serv 28/01/2014 [FR/EU] PVP/Sleepers/RUST++/NoGive

We are 8 friends playing rust for 2 months.
Bored of cheaters and admins’ gives, we created our own server and we invite you with pleasure to join it.
We are mature, clean and we’ll listen to you when you’ll need help
A whitelist is coming out soon but we wait the population grows up. Cheaters will be banned as fast we’ll be able to. If someone is griefing, for example after a raid, admins can remove pillars or ceilings.
PVP/Sleepers/RUST++/Active admins/Griefing forbidden(pillars/ceilings), NO give !!

Serv launch Today


Nice to see you on the serv.


UP because, it’s a beautiful serv :slight_smile: