[NEW SERVER 01.03.2014 GER/EU][No-Durability][Starter Kits][Act.Admins]

Server Name: [NEW SERVER 1.3.GER/EU][No-Durability][Starter Kits][Act.Admins][Arena][Economy][Missions]
**Server IP: **
Server slots: 50
Server location: Germany

Server Details:
New Rust Server 01.03.2014!!!**

  • Lagg free server.
  • No-Durability on the Server
  • Starter Kits which make the start easy.
  • German and English are the Languages
  • Active Friendly Admins
  • PVP
  • Crafting: 1/2
  • No Craft: Explosive
  • Airdrops once per Day(Ingame) when above 5 players
  • Economy
  • Missions
  • Sleepers
  • Doorshare
  • Chat-History
  • Groups
  • Locations
    - Team Arena Deathmatch
  • Vote Rewards
  • Newbie PVP Protection for 4H Hours

-Homepage for complaints, ideas, Cheater reports:>>>>>>>>>“www.fleggi.de
-TeamSpeak server:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>“Rust4Gamer.ts3dns.eu
-Steam-Group: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Rust4Gamer
-At http://toprustservers.com>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>“http://toprustservers.com/server/11286” Rang 145"
-At http://rust-servers.net/>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>“http://rust-servers.net/server/321/” Rang 18"

To Connect:
Hit F1
Type : >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"net.connect “” and enjoy!


No Hackers
No Harassment

We are glad to see you on our server;-)

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**bump **we have now Newbie PvP Protection for 4hours and brand new Unique Arena


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