New Server! 1.1.14 FriendlyStaff [FR/QC/US]

(Use Google Translator)

US/FR/QC Welcome =)

Hi to all
I play rust with a team of 5 to 6 people for a long time already …

but each time that the server is not properly administered to spoil our game …
Cheat / Admin abuse / Wrong atmosphere / Reset unjustified so I had the idea to create a server to avoid all ridiculous problems …

we are 2 admins at the moment and we want to offer an ideal gaming experience for all players

-Give admin is totally PROHIBITED so no admin abuse

-we are active and always on the game for watch everything goes well =)

-We will also be listening to the community so that everyone can enjoy good of the game

-You can Kill Admin without consequence , of course =)

Concerning the rules :

-not harp on beginners who are trying to make their first home. ( simple courtesy as not start well when being harassed by players without reason)

-and do not go after other people’s homes … You can kill ,steal ,raid … but not put doors and walls to block any progress to another player

You just need to use your mind and not voluntarily prevent the other player to play =)

Cheat = insta ban

-We are already a community of 15-25 active ,

-the server is dated January 1, 2013 , so very recent ideal to start and I also specifies that the server will live as long as there active players

-the website and the forum should take a little time if all goes well ,

Server Name:

[ FR / QC ] NoobFriendly / PvPSleep / NoAdminAbuse ( 1.1.14 ) (subject to change )


Slot 60 (Enlargement will be provided when necessary)

Mumble server available

Sleeper PVP = on = on

So now if you have any questions Tell me

We wait for you =)


Join us ! :smiley:

Join =)