New Server - 1/2 Craft, Starter, Active Admins with strict NO ABUSE, Wiped 2/5/2014

Hey guys, come check out this new Multiplay server, based in Chicago. STRICT NO ADMIN ABUSE policy. Will research hack claims and ban hackers. We have oxide, location mod, basic starter kit, 1/2 craft speed. Come check it out!


Cool, I can get a fresh start. First!

Cool Welcome to the server Frank!

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Got several people in there already. Hurry up and get a head start before it gets too populated :slight_smile:

Cool server. Thank GOD there is a lot less lag on this server.

Just started playing on this server, and having a blast. Just wiped today, and no metal buildings or M4’s yet. Admins are awesome. Still needs more of a community to be perfect but can’t complain about it.

Welcome Flyer, Great Day 1 with a decent base of players. Need more players tomorrow!