NEW SERVER 1/27! net.connect ""

Brand new server that is focused on bringing a slower paced experience. Explosives cannot be researched or crafted, only obtained. Research Kits are configured to be very rare, and will be highly sought after. The purpose is to get people to get out and explore/farm for resources to encourage more encounters. Even junk crates can have something good in them, albeit rarely.

F1 to enter console, and then,
Enter---- net.connect “”
To join.

Features on the server include:

Private Admin Chat System to report any issues
Ability to remove your structures with a Pickaxe for base editing
PM (with replies!)
Longer days (and slightly longer nights)
Economy and Bounty System, can use in-game currency to buy basic materials.
Friend List System
Ability to check time and location. (/time, /location)
Groups for group chat!
…and of course death messages.