NEW SERVER 1/28/14 *Economy* -- [US Tx] PvP|Oxide|25%craft|Airdrop| New 1/28/14 Shorter Nights!

Come start up with us on this BRAND NEW server! Reset on 1/28/14
Press f1 and paste net.connect to join!

– [US Tx] PvP|Oxide|25%craft|Airdrop| New 1/28

  • Economy (Introduced a currency to the game. Totally balanced and AWESOME!)

  • Standard loot settings (No craziness)

  • 1/2 length night (Darkness lasts about 7 minutes instead of 15)

  • Airdrops start at 5 people online

  • Door sharing (Just type /share playername)

  • Sleepers on

  • 25% craft time

  • NO Admin abuse (Yea, I know you’ve heard that before. But for real this time)

  • Server and Oxide updated immediately after patches

  • Chat history

  • Nudity on

  • Banner off

  • Oxide - base mod

  • Admin help chat

  • Admin help tickets

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