NEW SERVER 1/31 |USWest|Oxide|Groups|RareDropC4+Weapons|Sleepers/DoorShare|

Hey Now!

I started this server because I wanted a fun place to play Rust without the many problems of other servers(Admin Abuse,Hackers) So lets start with the basics:


IP Address:**
NO ADMIN ABUSE!! END OF STORY! I’m the only one with Admin powers and I do not mess around. I want a fun place where everyone can play and not feel overwhelmed by players who are buddy-buddy with their Admins.

HACKERS/HACKING will not be tolerated!!! If I catch you Hacking you will be BANNED!! END OF STORY!

**Hosted location: **LA
** Mod API: Oxide
** PvP: Yes Sir!
** Sleeper:
** 1/4 Crafting Time:
Airdrops: At 10 People ATM if we get around 20-40 People I’ll increase it to 12
Grouping: Works much like a guild. /ghelp will give you the list of commands.
Door Sharing: Enabled. /Share with the player’s name in “”
Chat History: Use /history to see the last 20 lines of chat
Location: Use /Location to get your map coordinates
Ping: Use /Ping to test your ping
Stats: Use /Stats to see your KDA and other neat info!

Tiered Loot

Loot is broken into tiers, and rarity is relative to tier. We expect players to be using cloth armor, bows, and handmade weapons while living in wooden structures for the first part of the game. Quick access to pistols should be somewhat rare, and higher-end (military) weaponry very rare.

C4 balance

We left C4 craftable; however, explosives are not. Explosives drop at a high rate from Supply Drops and at a somewhat rare rate from zombies. Large groups of geared individuals will not be able to drum up mounds of C4 in a few hours. It will be a more scarce resource but still available to those willing to work for it. To that effect, the C4 Blueprint (BP) is only available in Supply Drops.

We expect players and groups to be required to utilize all four resources available.

Supply Drops
Rad Zone Chests
Resources in the field

In order to balance those out, some loot is available only in a limited subset of locations.

Wood and Sulfur are ONLY available from the field.
BPs are ONLY available from Chests and Supply Drops.
Research Kits are ONLY available as a rare drop from Zombies.
C4 BP is ONLY available from Supply Drops.
Tier 3 BPs are MUCH more common in Supply Drops.

By balancing these things out some, we require players to shop around a bit to get what they desire. This also lessens the viability of a strategy like camping Large Civilian and keeping everyone away from most of the goods in the game. Keeping high-end items in Supply Drops forces players to engage in PvP to get everything.

Its a tough but rewarding Server. We hope that you will join us and we plan on having events such as Arenas to keep the server feeling fresh and welcoming to new players.

**RULES: **We only ask that chat be kept clean of any hate speech or racial slurs. We have no real problems with trash talking and going off on a enemy but keep it civil and within reason. Role playing and funny comments is fine with me unless your are spamming super hard, in which case you will be ask to stop and keep it civil. If you continue and refuse to listen you will be kicked. I’m not a mean admin I don’t mind funny dialogue or trash talk but I will be firm when it comes to players not listening to my final word and I do NOT Hesitate when it come to punishment.

All are welcomed and I hope to see you soon!

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How many people do you get a day?
I will be joining the server soon and check it out:)

Happy Rusting

About 6-8 a day. Hopefully more soon :slight_smile: